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Do you want to. . . .

  • learn how to stick to a healthy diet? 

  • enjoy eating highly nutritious food? 

  • learn what to eat for health and weight-loss? 

  • change your relationship with food for good? 

  • gain renewed hope that you can actually lose weight and keep it off? 

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, keep reading!

The Taste Bud Rehab Program will teach you the psychological and behavioral skills necessary to make healthy eating  easy and joyful. 

And this is how we go about it:

  • A total of twenty 45-minute video sessions--we'll "meet" once/week for the first 3 months, then monthly thereafter

  • Intensive instruction in the psychology of healthy eating and weight loss motivation (check out the modules below for more details about what you'll learn)

  • A multifarious approach to strengthening willpower, based on the latest impulse-control research 

  • Email support as needed 

  • Daily reading assignments 

  • Personalized motivational emails 

  • A lifetime food plan that will help you maintain a low weight and increase disease resistance 

  • Ongoing educational emails featuring the latest in nutrition and motivation research 

Module 1

♥ why permanent weight   loss is so hard 
♥ how to eat for health and slimness 
♥ how your mind works for and against you in this endeavor 
♥ tools for successful eating 

Module 2

♠ begin your new way of eating 
♠ how thoughts can derail you 
♠ stimulus/response 
♠ preparing yourself for trouble 
♠ more tools for success 

module 3

♦ maintaining motivation  over the long haul 
♦ use society’s foibles to support your efforts 
♦ willpower—how to grow it and how to keep it 
♦ still more tools for success 

module 4

♣ identify lifestyle factors that might derail you 
♣ dealing with travel 
♣ emotional eating 
♣ learn to handle stress without eating 

Long-term support is key!

Why is the program a WHOLE YEAR long? Well, my experience working with over-eaters during the last 15+ years has shown me that old eating habits die hard.


Most of us have learned to sort of go unconscious when it comes to food. Cravings can come from seemingly nowhere and take over!


A few weekly sessions is not enough to facilitate lasting change. Our weekly (and then monthly) consultations will be ongoing reminders to pay attention, to begin noticing and responding to urges to overeat or make poor food choices.


Our talks will help you stay on track during those times of weak resolve. Module by module, though, your old patterns will gradually be supplanted by new, health-supporting ones to enable you to change your diet for good. 

Request a Free Consultation 

How is this program different?

 The problem with traditional diets is that they provide you with a food plan but fail to provide you with the motivation necessary to stick to it for the long term. That's where I step in. Taste Bud Rehab is a year-long program with long-lasting results. By the end of this program, you will have begun permanently changing your responses to food cravings, triggers, and thoughts--with the goal of ending compulsive overeating for good. And the tools you learn will be yours to keep and use as needed--forever. Over the course of our year together, you'll learn to: 

  • eliminate cravings 

  • overcome emotional eating 

  • enjoy and even crave healthy foods 

  • challenge previously held beliefs and thoughts that once led to overeating 

  • develop effective tools for responding to common eating triggers 

  • easily (and happily!) resist tempting foods. 

  • Also, at $100/phone session (not to mention virtually unlimited email support),  Taste Bud Rehab is very affordable compared to the typical beginning rate of $150+/hour for coaching. 

Stages of Dietary Change 


Folks go through stages as they progress through the modules---something to this effect. 

The Honeymoon--in which new enrollees are highly motivated and, just a few weeks into the program, they may find it easy to stick to the healthy food plan. This is where some people make the mistake of ending their participation because they think, "I've got it!" 

The Honeymoon's End--in which old eating habits attempt to reassert themselves. This is where the real work begins, where you begin applying your new skills. Without support, though, you will most certainly succumb to bad food urges and this will be just another failure. 

Real change--in which, having made your way through the Honeymoon and Honeymoon's End, you slowly begin realizing the rewards of several months of applying new tools and ways of thinking to your food life. 

Contact me for your free half-hour consultation today. 

Is Taste Bud Rehab for me?

yes, if: 

  • you want to permanently change your eating habits 

  • you can commit an hour a day (spread throughout the day) to homework assignments 

  • you are ready to give up doing it your way 

no, if: 

  • you only want to lose weight then go back to your former eating habits 

  • you aren't willing or able to make time to do the homework

  • you think you already know what you need to do to lose weight 


Y'all, change is hard. I wish I could honestly say that, after completing the four modules, you'll be good to go for the rest of your life--that you'll never succumb to a craving again. Alas, if it were true, I'd be rich, and there would be a lot more "skinny bitches" running around! Unfortunately, you're gonna have to keep at it for a while in order to achieve permanent change in your eating habits. Most of my clients elect to continue in my maintenance program for quite a while following their completion of the four modules. 

Request a Free Consultation 

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